A Complete Restaurant Remodel Gets Significant Rebates

Project Description

In 2012, a national restaurant chain was going to perform a complete rehab in one of its older restaurants. The remodel meant completely changing the floor plan of the restaurant, creating brand new kitchen and dining areas as well as a new parking lot. Since they were installing new energy efficient technologies such as LED lighting, T8 fixtures and kitchen equipment, the chain called on BriteSwitch to see if there could be any rebates or incentives available.

Even though this project was at an existing location, since it was not a one-for-one upgrade of any equipment, it had to be considered under a more complex, new construction incentive program. BriteSwitch reviewed the drawings and plans to determine the best way to file rebates and get the most money. They were able to secure a rebate based on their energy savings over the local energy code. By applying for pre-approval before construction began, they were able to ensure that the products selected met the rebate program's criteria and locked in the funding.

In the end, the restaurant chain got a beautiful new location with top of the line interior and exterior lighting while getting 26% of the project cost back in rebates and incentives.

Project overview
Project Type:New Construction / Complete Remodel
% of Project Cost Covered by Rebate $:26%
Efficient Technologies:LED
Induction Parking Fixtures
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