How A Retail Chain Maximized Their Rebates for a LED Project

Project Description

A retail chain with 228 mid-sized stores was looking to upgrade from halogen track and recessed lighting to LED lamps in order to save energy and improve the look of their stores. They wanted to do the installation quickly and in a very tight time frame before their budget would run out. They also didn't want to miss out on any of the rebate incentives that were available, so they asked BriteSwitch to take care of it.

BriteSwitch analyzed their store list and determined that 70% of their stores could potentially qualify for rebates, but timing would have to be looked at carefully. Several locations were out of funding at the time and others were getting close, so BriteSwitch worked with the contractor and customer in order to optimize the installation timing. After looking at the analysis, the customer decided to speed up installation in a few stores and postpone it in others to ensure the most money possible.

In the end, the small timeline expansion was well worth it. Between optimizing timing, negotiating with rebate organizations and taking advantage of bonus programs, BriteSwitch was able to get the customer 61% more rebate money than was originally estimated at the beginning of the project. The rebates ended up covering 18% of the total project cost.

Project overview
Project Type:Retrofit
Total Locations in US:228
% of Project Cost Covered by Rebate $:18%
Efficient Technologies:LED lamps
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