National Paint Store Learns That Planning Means More Money

Project Description

A national paint retailer was upgrading the lighting in thousands of their stores across the US. While they had a relative time frame for the whole project, the retailer allowed BriteSwitch to work with the contractor to schedule the stores in a manner that would allow for the largest rebate amounts.

BriteSwitch analyzed the 3,360 potential locations and suggested the best timing in order to capture the most rebates with their upgrade. For example, the State of Virginia sponsored a rebate program, but at the time the project started, it was out of funds with no published details on future plans. BriteSwitch recommended to hold off on installation of these stores, but worked with the contractor to ensure audits of the facility were complete, so if the program was active again, rebates could be applied for.

On March 22nd, the Virginia Department of Energy announced that businesses could take advantage of an additional $6.5 million in rebates for energy efficiency projects. Four days later, the program stopped accepting new applications and already had a wait list of 3,200 applications! Luckily, by being prepared with the audits and waiting for the right time, BriteSwitch started sending in applications the minute the program opened and secured rebates for all 73 locations in Virginia before the money ran out.

In the end, it meant an additional $47,300 in rebate money for the retailer.

Project overview
Project Type:Retrofit
Total Locations in US:3,360
% of Project Cost Covered by Rebate $:12%
Efficient Technologies:T8 lamps, ballasts and reflectors
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