A Specialty Retail Chain Wanted BriteSwitch To Show Them The Money

Project Description

A specialty retailer with hundreds of stores across the country came to BriteSwitch for help with their most recent lighting upgrade. Their stores had a mixture of halogen and ceramic metal halide fixtures, but in order to decrease energy usage and maintenance costs, they were considering moving to LED fixtures instead. The chain had a limited budget and wanted to stretch their dollars to retrofit as many stores as possible. They partnered with BriteSwitch to figure out where the best rebates opportunities would be for their project.

Because LED fixtures were relatively new at the time of the project, they had yet to gain wide acceptance in rebate programs across the country. BriteSwitch analyzed all of the chain's locations across the US and negotiated with the incentive program managers to get the best possible rebates in 20 locations. They presented the plan to the customer who quickly approved the project.

In the end, BriteSwitch secured an average of $2,365 in rebates per store or roughly 24% of project cost.

Project overview
Project Type:Retrofit
Total Locations in US:503
% of Project Cost Covered by Rebate $:24%
Efficient Technologies:LED Fixtures
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