A Financial Services Company Retrofits Thousands of Locations

Project Description

In 2011, a large financial services company with over 11,000 locations across the US and Canada was considering a lighting upgrade in their locations. Thousands of their offices were still utilizing antiquated T12 systems that used too much energy and provided poor quality light so they wanted to upgrade all of their offices from T12 to T8. With that many locations, it was going to be a big project to tackle that would span several years. Managing a project that size would require an incredible amount of collaboration between the financial services company, the contractor, the distributor and the rebate providers. The company asked BriteSwitch to join their team of professionals in executing this project.

BriteSwitch started by working very closely with the customer and distributor to evaluate the different product options and see which would provide the most rebates. Eventually, it was decided that a lamp/ballast retrofit with 28W 4' T8 lamps and high efficiency ballasts would provide the best energy savings, light levels and rebates.

Next, BriteSwitch worked with the contractor to optimize the timing. By identifying the locations with bonus programs, putting off the locations with no rebates in hopes they would get rebates in the future and closely monitoring rebate program funding levels, BriteSwitch was able to maximize the amount of money the customer received for this project.

Although new locations are still coming in, the major retrofit project is complete with more than 4,000 locations having received upgrades. For this project, they received several hundreds of thousands of dollars in rebates that covered 22% of the project cost on average and saved an estimated 3,113,600 kWh in energy.

Project overview
Project Type:Retrofit
Total Locations in US:11,000
% of Project Cost Covered by Rebate $:22%
Efficient Technologies:T8 Lamps and Ballasts
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