Choosing The Right Program Gets Triple the Rebates

Project Description

In 2013, a large retail chain was looking to upgrade the lighting on their sales floors to LEDs. They already decided on the stores they wanted to do, and the lamps they were going to retrofit, but they wanted to get as much money back as possible. They turned to BriteSwitch to maximize the rebates. For their stores in California, BriteSwitch determined that there were three different programs that this customer was eligible for and had to evaluate which one would get the most money.

BriteSwitch first looked at the standard program and calculated the incentives. Then they investigated a more comprehensive, custom program that also applies to this location and concluded that in this way, the customer would get 36% more money. Lastly, BriteSwitch analyzed the project through a special program that provides increased incentives for new technologies. After running the calculations, BriteSwitch determined this program could get the customer three times the rebates of the standard program.

Even though the rebate process was a lot more work (with inspections, detailed calculations, surveys, etc), Briteswitch handled all the details, so the only thing the customer had to do was sign on the dotted lines. If the customer, or their distributor, had tried to do the rebate on their own, they would have missed out on one-third of the money for which they were eligble.

Project overview
Project Type:Retrofit
Total Locations in US:1,555
% of Project Cost Covered by Rebate $:40%
Efficient Technologies:

LED Retrofit Lamps (PAR30, A19, MR16)

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