How Long Does It Take To Get A Rebate Check?

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Days to get rebate check

One question that we frequently hear from our customers is, "How long does it take to get a rebate check?" To answer the question, we looked at several thousands of projects we completed across the nation over the past few years. The graph below illustrates how long it took to receive the final rebate check after the installation of the equipment.

As you can see, the average is around 67 days, but can take as long as 120 days. During this time, paperwork has to be filled out, certifications signed, inspections performed and more. It's a lengthy process. Even if all the paperwork is filled out correctly, rebate programs receive thousands of rebate applications a year so paperwork can easily get misplaced or forgotten. It takes a lot of attention and follow-up to ensure you get the rebate you're entitled to.

Want to make sure you get your rebate check? Let BriteSwitch handle the rebates for you. With a proprietary Project Management System that tracks the rebate status of all our customers' locations, our team stays on top of the project to ensure you get your rebates.

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