New Construction Can Get Rebates Too!


Although a lot of people are aware of rebates for installing energy efficient equipment in older facilities, few people realize that rebates and incentives may also be available for new construction projects. Unlike retrofit projects which base rebates on how much energy is saved compared to the old equipment, new construction programs often base the incentives on the savings over a building code, most commonly a version of ASHRAE 90.1. Programs can cover equipment such as HVAC systems, interior lighting, exterior lighting, refrigeration, kitchen equipment and more.

With new construction, it's important to consider rebates early in the planning process. Some rebate providers require paperwork to be filed in the first design stages in order qualify. Early involvement can also give time for small tweaks (such as changing a type of light bulb installed) that could increase the rebates substantially.

The process for new construction rebates is usually more complex than retrofit projects, but BriteSwitch can make it easy for you to take advantage of this money. We can work with the rebate providers and your design team to make sure you get the most money for your new construction project.

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