Lights Out for T12 Rebates?

T12 fixtures have been a staple in the US lighting market for decades, but as you probably know, manufacturers had to stop producing most popular T12 lamps after July 2012. Did this phase-out result in rebate programs "turning off" their rebates for T12 upgrades? While the availability of rebate programs and the rebate amounts have decreased since the phase out, there’s still a good chance to get a rebate in some parts of the country.

It can be more difficult to get these rebates than it was in the past. Previously, standard T8 lamps and ballasts would qualify for incentives in many programs; today, the remaining programs may have more stringent requirements such as a reduced wattage lamp, low ballast factor ballast or use of a reflector. In fact, over 60% of prescriptive T8 rebates require the use of a CEE approved lamp and ballast combination. It's important to fully understand the program's requirements before making any decision on equipment.

Between 2014 and 2015, the number of rebates for T12 to T8 upgrades decreased by 24%. If you have T12 fixtures that will need to be upgraded to T8 fixtures, you should act soon in order to take advantage of rebates. In the future, we expect the rebates for this category to continue to decrease and possibly disappear as rebate and incentive programs are revised.

Prescriptive Rebates for T12 to T8 Upgrades
Average Rebate in 2011Average Rebate in 2012Average Rebate in 2013Average Rebate in 2014
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