High Rebates for High Bay Fixtures

Rebates for lighting in commercial buildings are available for a variety of products and solutions in the marketplace. They cover everything from standard A19 incandescent replacements, to linear fluorescents and metal halide fixtures. A category which has particularly strong incentives is high bay fixtures.

Whether replacing antiquated T12HO systems or inefficient HID systems, installing fluorescent, pulse start metal halide LED or induction high bay fixtures can save on energy costs, provide better light levels and also bring in high rebates.

Across North America, rebate organizations offer a lot of money to customers upgrading to energy efficient high-bay lighting. Here is a snapshot of the current high-bay fixture rebates.

Prescriptive Rebates for Highbay Upgrades
Type of FixtureMinimum RebateAverage RebateMaximum Rebate
High bay T8$10.00$65.96$325.00
High bay T5HO$15.00$76.24$325.00
Pulse Start Metal Halide$45.00$46.50$400.00

Several important factors must be considered when thinking about installing high-bay fixtures. Rebate programs can have requirements for certain lamp/ballast combinations, guidelines for fixture efficiency and other specifications for which fixtures would qualify. Furthermore, some programs may provide additional incentives for high-bay fixtures with integrated occupancy sensors which can provide an additional rebate of up to $35 per fixture.

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