Some Rebate Programs Out of Funds; Others Offer Bonus Programs

As 2013 winds down, organizations that provide rebates and incentives are evaluating their programs and making changes. Some programs have already run out of funding for 2013 projects or will very soon. According to our North American Rebate and Incentive Database, 8% of all US commercial lighting rebate and incentive programs are currently out of funding. While projects that have already received pre-approval may continue, new projects will have to wait until 2014 in order to take advantage of rebates.

Other programs have not met their energy savings goals yet, so they are offering limited time bonus programs to increase participation. For example, a program called Energizing Indiana is offering double rebates on 25W T8 lamp and ballast retrofits and select high bay fixtures. Another bonus program by ComEd in Illinois is offering a bonus for customers who get rid of all T12s in their facilities.

While it may be difficult to look at all the possible programs to ensure funding, BriteSwitch can help you. By looking at our detailed rebate database, we can see which programs are currently out of funding and which might run out of funding soon. We can help you plan your project and file applications quickly to make sure you maximize your rebate dollars.

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