Rebates for LED T8 Replacements

At Lightfair last week, many manufacturers showcased new LED solutions to upgrade from T12 or T8 to LED solutions, whether new fixtures, retrofit kits or replacement lamps. The rebates for these solutions are off to a very strong start, but may be difficult to find. We looked in our rebate databases to see what's available and created the charts below.


As you can see, the rebates for these solutions are off to a very strong start. On top of these prescriptive programs, another 200-300 custom rebate programs may accept LED replacements for fluorescents. In conducting this analysis, we noticed that the approaches by the rebate programs across the country are very fragmented. Some programs will only provide incentives if you replace the whole fixture, others will allow T8 replacement tubes, but they require an external driver or bypassing the existing ballast. On top of that, a lot of the custom programs may require a certain payback period or minimum energy savings.

The good news is that there is money out there for LED T8 replacements, but you have to carefully educate yourself on program rules and guidelines before choosing a solution. If you're considering an upgrade to LED T8s, BriteSwitch can help you find out if your locations qualify for rebates and incentives and make sure you get the most money for your upgrade. Click here to learn more about how we can maximize your rebates.

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