RebatePro is a web-based platform that allows you to search for all the rebates and incentives available for commercial lighting in North America.

Based on our experience of filing thousands of rebate applications over the past 10 years, RebatePro is a comprehensive tool to find and capture rebates.

Search The Way You Want

Search by zip code, utility, city, state or by a specific product.

Stay Up-to-date

Since rebate programs change very frequently, the rebate data is continuously monitored and updated. The "Recent Updates" list makes it easy to see changes.

Save Time

No more browsing through countless pages on a utility's web site to find the program; RebatePro points you directly to the page with the paperwork.

Information At Your Fingertips

RebatePro can be accessed on any laptop, PC, tablet or phone with internet access.

Rebates in Plain English

Technical requirements and rules are written in plain English that the lighting industry understands.

Identify The Best Rebates

RebatePro's "Top Rebates" report calculates all prescriptive and custom rebates for a specific product and shows you where the best ones are for a targeted sales approach.

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