Rebate Snapshot

Want to leverage rebates to increase your sales?

Are you introducing a new product and want to know where to focus your resources?

Rebate Snapshot can provide insight of the overall rebate opportunity for a specific product and identify the best rebate areas across North America.

Find the best rebates

The rebate snapshot will list the top 30 rebate programs for your product across North America.

Targeted Marketing

Ability to easily export cities and zip codes covered by the best rebate programs so you can focus your marketing activities.

No Subscription Necessary

A one time fee gives you complete insight of the rebate market for a product.

Easy to Understand

The snapshot converts rebates based on kWh and watts saved to dollars so they're easy to understand.

Actionable Data

Provides direct links to the paperwork so you can get all the details with one click.

Marketing Support

BriteSwitch can review your marketing materials to make sure they are accurate from a rebate perspective.

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